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Managing Assumptions - The Building Blocks of Your Demand Plan

Your demand plan is based on standard, clearly defined assumptions. How do you leverage those assumptions to form a comprehensive S&OP strategy? Once forecasts are created, how do you turn data into a plan? It is crucial to transliterate forecasts into useable information to help make strategic decisions, turning forecasting from a quantitative exercise into a highly valuable business tool. In this workshop, we will reveal the secrets behind our success at Mondelez. We will show how to better integrate assumptions into a demand planning process and how to leverage that to build a robust demand plan. We will relate fundamental assumptions that underline forecasting and how they relate to broader company objectives.

You will learn:

  • How to better integrate a focus on assumptions into the demand planning process and how they relate to company objectives
  • How to leverage assumptions to increase accuracy of the demand plan
  • How to drive business activity (actions and decision making) through those assumptions

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Greg Spira

Forecasting Lead, NA

About the Speaker

Greg has a diverse background covering integrated business planning, demand management, finance, accounting, and information technology. He currently leads Forecasting for North America at Mondelēz. Prior to Mondelēz, Greg led Global Demand Management at BlackBerry, was a lecturer in the MBA program at McMaster University, and led the finance and IT functions at Store Image, a designer and manufacturer of retail interiors. Greg has a passion for solving ‘big ugly problems’ and driving change with the right mix of people, process and tools.