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The Journal of Business Forecasting has been providing demand planning, forecasting, supply chain, and S&OP/ IBP practitioners with jargon-free articles on how to improve the value of their roles and company performance from improved forecasting and planning for over 30 years.

Featured Articles:

1. Answers to Your Forecasting Questions

2. Demand Forecasting in the Cloud: Modern Computing Meets the Forecasting Discipline
By Vinit Sharma

3. Using Scorecards for Improving and Sustaining the S&OP Process
By Todd Dunn

4. Beware Weapons of Math Destruction
By Larry Lapide

5. Six Golden Rules for Improving Forecasts—General Motors’ Journey
By Edward Hanawalt

6. Machine Learning Is Disrupting Demand Planning
By Charles W. Chase, Jr., CPF

7. Multi-Cluster Time Series Analysis
By Eric Wilson, CPF

8. Making Demand Forecastable
By Daniel Fitzpatrick

9. The Economy Defies Conventional Wisdom: Impressive Output, Employment, and Long-Awaited Productivity Growth
By Jamal Nahavandi

10. IBF Calendar 2018-2019


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