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The Journal of Business Forecasting has been providing demand planning, forecasting, supply chain, and S&OP practitioners with jargon-free articles on how to improve the value of their roles and company performance from improved forecasting and planning for over 30 years.

Featured Articles:

1. Improving Forecast Accuracy through Talent Management
By Eric Wilson and Jason Breault

2. S&OP in the 21st Century
By Duncan Alexander

3. Execution Needs the S&OP Plans
By Larry Lapide

4. Forecast Accuracy Has No Impact On Inventory! Really?
By Charles W. Chase, Jr.

5. Why External Data Are Vital to Demand Forecasts
By Rich Wagner

6. Forward-Looking Predictive Analytics Confirm a High Probability for a Global Recession
By Evangelos Otto Simos

7. The U.S. Economy Is Moving Forward in an Uncertain Environment
By Jamal Nahavandi

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