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The Journal of Business Forecasting has been providing demand planning, forecasting, supply chain, and S&OP/ IBP practitioners with jargon-free articles on how to improve the value of their roles and company performance from improved forecasting and planning for over 30 years.

Featured Articles:

1. Event-Driven Planning: An Inflection Point for Operations Planning
By Gregory L. Schlegel

2. Building the Link Between Data and Supply Chain Performance in the Digital Age
By Alan L. Milliken

3. Preparing for Demand Planning in 2025
By Eric Wilson, CPF

4. Digital Transformation: Three Skills Demand Managers Must Have
By Peter Chisambara

5. Quick Response Forecasting: A Blueprint for Faster and More Efficient Planning
By Larry Lapide with Eric Wilson, CPF

6. Real-Time Demand Execution Anticipating Demand at the Edge
By Charles W. Chase, Jr., CPF

7. The Move to Defensive Business Forecasting
By Michael Gilliland

8. Supply Chain Digitalization — Delivering Sustainable Cross-Functional Change
By Neil James

9. I (am) Robot—Future Proofing Your Demand Planning Career
By Andrew Schneider, ACPF

10. CAPEX Predictive Analytics Confirm Renaissance in Animal Spirits
By Evangelos Otto Simos

11. U.S. Economy Defies Conventional Wisdom, Enjoys Non-Inflationary Full Employment Growth
By Jamal Nahavandi


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Active IBF Members can DOWNLOAD FULL JBF Winter 2017-2018 Issue here