Prior to filling out this questionnaire, please complete IBF’s S&OP Maturity Model/ Self-Assessment tool so we can gauge the current level of your S&OP/ planning process.
S&OP/ IBP Self-Assessment:
1) What email address was used to complete the IBF S&OP Maturity Model/ Self-Assessment?
2) What is the size of your company, total revenue in $US dollars? (Please convert to $US dollars if another currency)
3) Does your company mostly sell Products or Services?
4) Please select your company's industry
5) How many people within your company at your location and globally (in total) work as full-time forecasters/demand planners?
6) Does your company have an ongoing training program for forecasting and planning? If so, what is your source for developing your planning professionals? (Choose all that apply)
7) What functions are active participants in your S&OP/IBP process? (Mark all that apply).
8) What elements are consistent parts of your monthly S&OP/IBP? (Mark all that apply).
9) What KPI’s are consistently part of your regular monthly S&OP/IBP? (Mark all that apply).
10) Which best describes your objectives for your S&OP/IBP process?
11) What time horizon forms the basis of discussions and plans?
12) How connected are your individual plans?
13) What percentage of your core demand planning and S&OP teams have been through an external certification or certificate program related to their field?
14) Which of the following inputs do you incorporate into your forecasts and demand plans? (Mark all that apply).
15) Which best describes your use of analytics and the culture surrounding it?
16) What systems and technology are used for planning and driving discussions in your S&OP/IBP meetings?
17) What technology vendor(s)/ product(s) do you use for forecasting at the company?
18) What kind of hurdles do you experience in your S&OP/ IBP process? (Choose all that apply).
19) What is your average % forecasting error (NOT ACCURACY)? Provide Mean Absolute % Error (MAPE).
1 months ahead (lag 1) 1 qtr ahead (lag 3) 1 year ahead
SKU (item/location)
Category brand
Aggregate/business unit
20) How far ahead is your production schedule locked?