Who Will See Your Product?

You’ll be seen by the leaders of the business forecasting, S&OP, demand planning and supply chain functions from the world’s biggest companies. Not only that, you'll talk, interact and forge relationships. Up to 500 leading industry professionals will be attendance, including:

  • Vice Presidents of Supply Chain,
  • Directors of Supply Chain,
  • Heads of Demand Planning
  • S&OP Leaders
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Why Exhibit at IBF Events?
Exhibiting at IBF events means being seen by Fortune 500 companies that need business tools, software, systems and other services. It is your chance to meet the key decision makers in the world’s stop supply chain-focused organisations, and develop new business partnerships.
Be seen by Fortune 500 companies
Sell your product to key decision makers
Professional and social networking
Competitive rates for booths
Which Companies Attend IBF Events?

The biggest Fortune 500 companies regularly attend IBF conferences across the world, considered the must-attend events in the industry calendar. Companies include the biggest and innovative companies in the world, including:

Get Your Booth At IBF Events

You get a dedicated space for your booth tto display your product or service. Sizing of the booth is up to 10 feet wide, conveniently placed for direct access to conference attendees. Exhibitors are in invited to meet the decision-makers in large supply chain-focused companies, network and forge new relationships, and drive new business partnerships. Access extends to social settings, including lunches and cocktail receptions.

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