S&OP Maturity Self-Assessment
Use this tool to assess your current S&OP/IBP capability and identify gaps and priorities to design an improvement road map.
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This tool is divided into the following dimensions:
  • People
  • Process
  • Analytics
  • Technology
This tool is intended for use by an established S&OP lead or facilitator with several years of operating experience. For each of the 4 dimensions, it provides detailed attributes in ascending order of maturity.
evaluation tool instruction
Individuals can review this document for each of the 4 dimensions on corresponding tabs. On each tab, use the slider to the left of each attribute and adjust it up and down (from 0 to 100%, with 100% being the best) to indicate your organization's current maturity. For each attribute there are corresponding texts revealing what each maturity level contains. Use these descriptions to determine which level your company is at.
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