Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 43 | Issue 1 | Spring 2024

The lead article of this issue deals with AI in demand planning and forecasting and offers a warning that it can lead to standardized outputs and mediocre planning performance, and suggests that the human touch won't be replaced anytime soon. Other highlights of this issue include insight into how forecast accuracy is not necessarily correlated with improved decision making or business performance, and a new approach to new product launches that combines demand forecasting with demand creation.

Spring 2024

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 42 | Issue 4 | Winter 2023-2024

In this Supply Chain Planning special issue, you're invited to see the demand planning role through a supply planning lens. The lead article of this issue examines a rapidly emerging future state whereby demand planning must operate in the context of permanent supply constraints. Practical advice and examples are provided to help Planners navigate an age where infinite supply can no longer be relied upon. Other highlights of this issue include the merits and demerits of nearshoring to Mexico...

Winter 2023-2024

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 42 | Issue 3 | Fall 2023

The lead article of this issue takes us beyond S&OP to risk planning, that is to say planning for major sea-change events. It reveals how to identify the forces of exogenous change that affects the success and - even existence - of a company, and how to plan hedges to mitigate their impact. Real-life case studies are included. Other highlights of this issue include an S&OP case study for the Oil & Gas industry and a qualitative analysis of safety stock calculation methods.

Fall 2023

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 42 | Issue 2 | Summer 2023

This issue dives into the question of why demand planning is slow to adopt machine learning, despite the technology being readily available. The core challenges are discussed, namely that that machine learning was built for the digital world and not the real world, how its outputs are difficult to apply to business decision making, and how the data requirements exceed what many companies can access. A practical pathway to get started in machine learning is provided. Other highlights of this...

Summer 2023

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 42 | Issue 1 | Spring 2023

The lead article of this issue covers crucial lessons learned from the pandemic and documents best practices for when the next crisis hits. Other highlights include a forecasting accuracy case study from Hershey's, a guide to going from supply chain to value chain, and an excellent interview with Ryan Harman, Director of Demand & Supply Planning at Black Rifle Coffee, who discusses the challenges of planning for a burgeoning social-media driven upstart.

Spring 2023

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 41 | Issue 4 | Winter 2022 – 2023

In this special issue of the Journal, planning leaders at top companies reveal how they connect operational planning to enterprise strategy. The lead article provides practical methods to ensure that strategic priorities are reflected in every planning response, ensuring that a company's competitive advantages are fully leveraged. Other highlights include a real-life case study of adapting planning to a unique business model, how to organize supply chains around how a company competes...

Winter 2022-2023

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 41 | Issue 3 | Fall 2022

The lead article of this issue invites us to consider how over-optimized supply chains caused critical vulnerabilities well before COVID hit, and were equally to blame for supply shortages as spikes in demand. It discusses how we should reconsider our approach to Lean Methodology, SKU proliferation, BOM complexity, and inflexible production in order to avoid the same supply shortages when the next disruption hits. Other highlights of this issue include a breakdown of why IBP isn't working...

Fall 2022

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 41 | Issue 2 | Summer 2022

The lead article, written by the demand planning team at Sandoz, sheds light on empowering IBP with Artificial Intelligence, with lessons learned from their own journey. Other highlights include a new 20 Questions feature with a planning leader, and an FVA roll out case study.

Summer 2022

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 41 | Issue 1 | Spring 2022

The lead article of this value-packed issue deals with strategy-driven S&OP. It reveals how to connect S&OP to your company’s strategic priorities to better balance the Service, Cost and Cash triangle, and why Supply Chain must be involved in setting and delivering on targets for ROCE (Return On Capital Employed). Another highlight of this issue is a case study into using machine learning to forecast staffing requirements in the hotel industry (with practical insights applicable...

Spring 2022

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 40 | Issue 4 | Winter 2021-2022

This special issue on S&OP/IBP comes at a time when effective planning is critical to the success of your business. With COVID throwing demand assumptions into disarray and continued supply challenges, this issue will help you establish and maintain the processes that allow you to react quickly and effectively - whatever lies on the horizon. From getting started in S&OP to managing demand reviews and what to do in times of crisis, experts in the field have contributed their knowledge to make...

Winter 2021-2022

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 40 | Issue 3 | Fall 2021

As Demand Planners, we know that uncertainty is an intrinsic part of every forecast. We also know that when we communicate that uncertainty, our forecasts may be less likely to be trusted and used in the organization. How then do we communicate an honest and realistic picture of demand that also gains the confidence of our colleagues? In this article Mike Gilliland discusses how to get round this problem by using Prediction Intervals, an approach that communicates both a forecast range...

Fall 2021

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 40 | Issue 2 | Summer 2021

The lead article of this insight-packed issue deals with a real-life S&OP implementation journey, detailing the challenges it was designed to overcome and the game-changing benefits it provided. It’s a must-read for any forecaster/planner looking to start a collaborative planning process in their organization. Other highlights include how the field of demand planning might change as manufacturing is repatriated to the US, how a leading manufacturer reestablished forecast accuracy after...

Summer 2021

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 40 | Issue 1 | Spring 2021

In this knowledge-packed issue, the lead article reveals how to manage Covid-related outliers in your demand data – a critical element in generating accurate forecasts as we emerge from the pandemic. Key techniques include pruning and smoothing, causal models, adjusting parameters, and manual qualitative overrides. Other highlights of the issue include ingenious methods to win the favor of Sales to improve forecasting inputs, how to improve your OTIF metrics in light of Walmart’s strict new ...

Spring 2021

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 39 | Issue 4 | Winter 2020-2021

This special issue deals with demand planning under extreme uncertainty and is designed to help you navigate continually shifting demand during the Covid-19 period, as well as to prepare for whatever other demand altering events lie on the horizon. With expert insight into managing risk through SKU rationalization, production segmentation, best practices in S&OP, and building resilient supply chains for a coordinated demand/supply response, you will access practical insight that can be applied...

Winter 2020-2021

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 39 | Issue 3 | Fall 2020

Over the past 30 years, the approach to demand planning at most retailers and CPG companies has remained stagnant, despite the increasing availability of data, advanced analytics, and technology. As a result, retailers and CPG supply chains lack true demand visibility leading to manual overrides and increases in buffer stock. We can use consumption-based forecasting and planning to solve these problems, gaining a clear picture of demand and linking it to supply planning for the supply...

Fall 2020

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 39 | Issue 2 | Summer 2020

The lead article of this issue explores how to set up an S&OP process from scratch. It includes practical steps to securing and maintaining buy in from Sales, Supply Chain, and Finance, and provides valuable insight into overcoming cultural barriers to implementation. This issue also features an interview with bestselling author of 'The Most Human Human' and 'Algorithms to Live By' who discusses the ever-increasing role of AI in our daily lives. That's as well as practical approaches...

Summer 2020