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Use Your GI Bill Benefits To Get Certified

Are you a US veteran? Then use your GI Bill benefits to take the CPF and ACPF exams for free. IBF exams are recognized for reimbursement by the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs under the GI bill. See further details.

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Levels of Certification
Certified Professional Forecaster–Candidate (CPF-C)

A starting point for students as they enter the job market. Exam 1, 2 & 3

Certified Professional Forecaster (CPF)

Earned by passing exam 1, 2 & 3

Advanced Certified Professional Forecaster (ACPF)

After receiving CPF, earned by passing exam 4, 5, & 6

Sample Exams
Test Your Knowledge

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Eligibility Criteria

There are three ways an individual can be eligible for the Certification program.

1) The potential candidate must have at least a Bachelor's degree and one year of professional experience in Business Forecasting and Planning.

2) If the individual does not have a Bachelor's degree, two years of professional experience in Business Forecasting and Planning can fulfill the eligibility requirement.

3) For students or those new to practicing forecasting & planning, you can earn a CPF-C by passing the exams. Then, once you complete 1 year of professional experience, we can upgrade you to full CPF status.

Please note that resumes are not acceptable for proof of employment. We would accept a letter with your company letterhead from your HR indicating your position and the number of years you've worked or redacted paystubs that are at least two years apart.

Certification Details
Certified Professional Forecaster (CPF): The Exams
  • There are 3 exams:
    • Exam 1: 150 multiple choice questions
    • Exam 2: 125 multiple choice questions
    • Exam 3: 100 multiple choice questions
  • 2 hours are given to complete each exam
  • CPF is earned when 70% or higher is scored for each exam individually*
Exam 1

What you Need to Know about Demand Planning, Forecasting, and S&OP

  • Role of Forecasting & Planning in Decision Making
  • Demand Planning (Demand Sensing Shaping, & Creating)
  • Forecasting & Planning Process
  • Consumption (POS Data) Based Forecasting & Planning
  • Consensus Forecasting & Planning
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Process
  • Collaborative, Planning, Forecasting, & Replenishment (CPFR)
Exam 2

Data Management and time Series Forecasting Modeling

  • Data Analysis & Treatment
  • Fundamentals of Models & Modeling
  • Types of Models
  • Time Series Models
  • Model Selection
  • Metrics: Measuring Forecast Error and Performance
Exam 3

Reporting, Presenting, New Product Forecasting and Planning

  • Forecast Reporting, Presentation and Communication
  • Winning Support and-Confidence of Management
  • Getting Buy-in from Stakeholders
  • New Product Forecasting
Advanced Certified Professional Forecaster (ACPF): The Exams
  • You must first earn the CPF designation
  • There are 3 exams containing 70 multiple choice questions each
  • 2 Hours are given to complete each exam
  • ACPF is earned when 70% or higher is scored for each exam individually*
Exam 4

Forecast Modeling (Advanced)

  • Regression/Cause & Effect Models
  • Steps to Build a Regression Model
  • Diagnostic Tools for Assessing Regression Models
  • Development and Application of Dummy Variables in Multiple Regression
  • Improving a Multiple Regression Model
  • ARIMA/Box-Jenkins Modeling
  • Assumptions of ARIMA Modeling
  • ARIMA Models vs. Regression Models
  • Types of ARIMA Models
  • Steps to Build an ARIMA Model
  • Improving ARIMA Models
Exam 5

Technology and Worst Practices in Forecasting & Planning

  • Forecasting & Planning Technology
  • Forecasting Package vs. Forecasting System
  • Selecting a Forecasting Package
  • Technology Capabilities
  • Scalability
  • Forecasting System Implementation
  • Worst Practices in Forecasting & Demand Planning
Exam 6

The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics in Demand Planning & Forecasting

  • Types of models and how they are used
  • Clustering algorithms & K-means models
  • Classifiers, Bayes and Decision Trees
  • Types of analytics and their outputs
  • Steps to build machine learning algorithms
  • Current uses and applications of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics
Certification Fee

Study material for this course is available for purchase. Please click here to purchase our "Fundamentals of Demand Planning & Forecasting" text book. The textbook includes an outline of what is covered for each exam. (Most professionals register for Exams 1, 2, & 3 for CPF or Exams 4 & 5 for ACPF all at once).

IBF Members:
$375 per exam
$425 per exam
Exam Schedule

There are online exams on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month except on US Holidays.
Please register for the exams at least a week in advance. We will not allow registrations the week of the exam date.

14 January 2022
Online Exam
28 January 2022
Online Exam
11 February 2022
Online Exam
25 February 2022
Online Exam
11 March 2022
Online Exam
25 March 2022
Online Exam
8 April 2022
Online Exam
22 April 2022
Online Exam
13 May 2022
Online Exam
27 May 2022
Online Exam
10 June 2022
Online Exam
24 June 2022
Online Exam
8 July 2022
Online Exam
22 July 2022
Online Exam
12 August 2022
Online Exam
26 August 2022
Online Exam
9 September 2022
Online Exam
23 September 2022
Online Exam
Preparation Materials
Fundamentals of Demand Planning & Forecasting

Price: $124.95 + shipping

Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost.
These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

This book will cover most of the material for the exams.

However, there is no single book available that covers everything about business forecasting & planning. It is assumed the candidate has prior knowledge and experience in the area.

How to Keep Your Certification Current

IBF certification is valid for a period of 4 years.

After a 4 year term it becomes necessary to re-certify in order to ensure that the professional maintains adequate experience and training in the area of Forecasting and Planning.

This means keeping abreast of new technologies and developments in methods, processes, approaches, systems, and more.

For Recertification, professionals are required to accumulate a number of continuing education points to maintain their certification designation. Number of points required for each certification:

  • CPF - 40 Points
  • ACPF - 50 Points

Re-certification points are earned by attending demand planning, forecasting, S&OP, analytics, and supply chain related conferences, workshops, training, and courses, or any other related activities within the four year time frame.. Once it has been documented that the required points have been earned, the IBF will renew the certification.

Re-taking all relevant certification exams is also an acceptable way to re-certify.

Recertification Fee: (After every four years of possessing the CPF or ACPF)

IBF Member: $100, Non-Member: $125

* Capped at a maximum of 20 and 25 points for CPF and ACPF respectively.

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