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The IBF Corporate Certification Program is designed to aid companies in improving business performance through S&OP/IBP, forecasting, and demand planning processes. It measures and recognizes best-in-class performance and develops actionable responses to improve your company’s capabilities. These planning processes are critical to the operational and financial performance of every company.

It is offered at 3 levels:

To gain this Certification, a company must demonstrate a base standard across 4 key dimensions: people, process, analytics, and technology.

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There are many benefits derived by companies which participate in and receive IBF Corporate Certification.

These include:

  • Higher performing teams and more effective recruiting
  • Improved customer service including meeting OTIF requirements and revenue growth
  • Reduced product and related costs, improvement in gross margins, and improved cash flow
  • Favorable inventory relative to volume and revenue level, reducing working capital requirements and costs
  • Improved ROI for the company: return on capital employed, return on assets, and return on equity
  • Improved EBITDA
  • Improved market valuation of the company, benefiting internal and external stakeholders
  • Greater retention of key personnel and facilitation of recruiting top talent
  • Increased customer satisfaction and customer retention, delivering revenue growth
  • Greater credibility and confidence with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders
  • Improved corporate and brand recognition, essential in competitive business environments
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of planning processes
  • Greater ability to anticipate and respond to changing conditions

IBF Corporate Certification lets customers and suppliers know that your organization is at the cutting edge of S&OP/IBP, demand planning and forecasting and is a stand-out strategic partner.

IBF Corporate Certification Levels
IBF Corporate Certification has 3 levels: Essential, Next-Level, and Vanguard.
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S&OP/ IBP, demand planning, and forecasting are well defined in the organization and feature key foundational elements. This developing process provides repeatable and quantifiable results providing core competencies to build upon.
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Next Level
Your company demonstrates competence in S&OP/IBP, demand planning, and forecasting and has progressed beyond the fundamentals, advancing the process with best practices. Approaching maturity, a more formal planning process is becoming standardized. The most successful companies at this level drive a one number attitude, develop formalized workflows, measure uncertainty and performance, and use advanced analytics.
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Your company is part of an elite group that has a fully functional, best-in-class process with a focus on continually improving performance through incremental and transformative improvements. At this stage, demand planning and S&OP/IBP focus on creating value for the entire enterprise and prioritize continuous improvement initiatives. Vanguard predictive analytics and planning organizations embrace change as a driver of growth.
Application — Pre-Qualification
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To get started, all companies interested in pursuing IBF Corporate Certification must complete the pre-qualifying questionnaire along with our S&OP/IBP self-assessment based on IBF’s industry-leading maturity model. It is best that a business planning leader or S&OP lead completes these steps.

STEP 1: S&OP/ IBP Self Assessment

STEP 2: Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire

IBF Corporate Certified Companies
Companies that have earned IBF's Corporate Certification