It is well documented that Demand Planning requires a unique technical skill set. In addition to this, the most successful emulate a specific set of behaviors that separates their performance from others. In this article, I define seven of these behaviors, and provide insight to how each one translates into much greater results. Behaviors of Great By John Gallucci 7 4 Copyright © 2015 Journal of Business Forecasting | All Rights Reserved | Spring 2015 I have had the privilege of being close to the Demand Planning function in several companies and industries in my 20-year career. Although the challenges of each environment varied, the behaviors of great Demand Planners appear to be fairly consistent. I am dedicating an article to these traits, and the relentlessness it takes to deliver them. The “Seven Behaviors of Great Demand Planners” are outlined below, and they are listed in order of priority. Of course, this is my own subjective list, based on what I have observed over time. I am hoping that you or your team can utilize some of these traits to increase the value of Demand Planning in your organization. (Disclaimer: There is no doubt that some will disagree with this ...

From Issue: 7 Behaviors of Great Demand Planners
(Spring 2015)

7 Behaviors of Great Demand Planners