The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed serious shortcomings in U.S. supply chains. Owing toglobalization and questionable supply chain management practices, the pandemic has revealed that the U.S is not selfsufficientwhen it comes to food or medical supplies, presenting major economic and healthcare implications. This columndiscusses learnings that can be gleaned from these two most critical of shortages and what can be done in future to fulfillthe most basic of human needs should a similar crisis occur in future. It also discusses the importance of Quick Response (QR)initiatives in mitigating food shortages and how such initiatives are hindered by the fact that supply chains are fine-tunedto be efficient instead ...

From Issue: Building a Holistic Supply Chain with Consumption-Based Forecasting & Planning
(Fall 2020)

Covid-19 Has Revealed Severe Shortcomings In U.S Supply Chains— Crucial Learnings from The Pandemic