As a 30-year supply chain practitioner for several Fortune 100 companies, an S&OP process owner, a Big 5 supply chain consultant, an academic, and a certified lifelong member of APICS, I’ve lived in the wonderful world of supply chain and demand planning management my entire career. This profession is always looking for new tools, techniques, and frameworks to drive supply chain performance, and now good supply chain risk management and resiliency. In this article, we’ll discuss where we came from, where we are today, and what tomorrow looks like. We feel the next 10 years will be quite exciting for operations and supply chain planning. Will it be disruptive? You bet. Will it be transformative? You bet. Will it drive overwhelming value? Let’s talk about what’s on the horizon.

From Issue: Special Issue: Future of Demand Planning & Forecasting
(Winter 2017-2018)

Event-Driven Planning: An Inflection Point for Operations Planning