The digital transformation of supply chain management, expedited by the pandemic, un- derscores the need to invest in automated forecasting and planning solutions to safeguard financial stability amid fluc- tuating costs and economic uncertainties. The pandemic highlighted the limitations of isolated supply chains, as disrup- tions rippled across supply networks, emphasizing the need for cross-enterprise collaboration. This article reveals the need to move beyond traditional data sharing, and how the future of collaborative forecasting involves a commitment to shared data, technology, process, and people—underlined by the digitalization of supply chains. We also discuss the challenges of cross-enterprise collaboration, keys to success, and the required skillsets to succeed in this environment, with a nod to the rise of the ‘Business Scientist’.

From Issue: Demand Shaping With Supply in Mind — The Planner’s Role in a Supply Constrained World
(Winter 2023-2024)

How Digital Transformation of Supply Chains is Enabling Cross-Enterprise Collaboration