Sharing business intelligence among Supply Chain partners is the biggest challenge businesses face today. Market intelligence gathered is neither available in the public domain nor verifiable through third parties. This article shows how a well-structured S&OP process, running across different functions of an organization, can enhance the performance of the Supply Chain and make businesses more cost effective. It also shows what is needed for a good and robust S&OP Process. 14 Copyright © 2015 Journal of Business Forecasting | All Rights Reserved | Spring 2015 then shared across the organization. The demand of about 18-36 months into the future (depending on the industry) gives ample information to manufacturing and supply teams to plan for capacity, and close the gap, if any. S&OP is an integrated business process that drives collaboration, and brings alignment across multiple divisions and departments. The implementation of S&OP often results from companies recognizing that longterm market success requires more than just branding products. CHALLENGES OF AN S&OP PLANNING PROCESS Most of the challenges of an S&OP planning process are related to Executive S&OP, Performance ...

From Issue: 7 Behaviors of Great Demand Planners
(Spring 2015)

How to Make the S&OP Process More Robust