Having recently found myself on the job market for the first time in 14 years, I found job hunting in demand planning/supply chain to be much changed. In this article I share my experiences of job hunting in the post-COVID world in an attempt to help others find the job that is right for them. With insight from demand planning recruiter Jason Breault, I discuss how searching for a new role is now a numbers game, how close relationships with recruiters are a thing of the past, how LinkedIn is a powerful tool for connecting with recruiters, and the buzzwords recruiters want to see on a resume. I urge caution against settling for low salaries and jobs that may seem attractive but are ‘kitchen-sink’ roles, and to be prepared for corporate ghosting.

From Issue: Growing Revenue & Cutting Operational Costs With A Win-Win S&OP Strategy
(Summer 2021)

Job Hunting For Demand Planning Roles During COVID