I am currently in my first supply chain role at Actylis, a leading manufacturer and supplier of critical raw materials and performance ingredients serving the specialty chemical, life science, and agriculture industries. I started with the company in the midst of COVID and joined an environment that was actively seeking to mitigate the supply chain risks that it posed. I recently had a mentoring session with our Sr. Director of Supply Chain, Pat Bower, a supply chain veteran and long-standing contributor to this Journal. I took the opportunity to learn more about our company’s reshoring initiatives, how to approach risk mitigation, and the specific sourcing strategies being pursued. It was a revealing exchange that we both agreed could add value to companies looking to strengthen their own supply chains in light of increasing global uncertainty. The highlights of that conversation were documented and are provided below.—Zachary Fisher

From Issue: Why Aren’t Demand Planners Adopting Machine Learning? Why You Should Take the Leap
(Summer 2023)

Reshoring Case Study: A Chemical Company Shifts Supply Chain Strategies