As a three-time S&OP process owner in a couple of Fortune 100 manufacturers, I’m painfully aware of how diffcult it is to achieve a good working S&OP process, and how even more diffcult it is to sustain it. Why is it so diffcult? In this discussion, we’ll delve into why it’s so diffcult to achieve and sustain the process, and introduce a few not so familiar impact issues, such as uncertainty, complexity, and risk. We’ll structure the conversation within a solid frame of reference, using the original AMR Maturity Model, which I feel is still valid, and then highlight three very mature methodologies, which are key risk mitigation strategies that can and should be exercised in AMR’s Stage 3 of the their S&OP Maturity Model, ultimately producing substantial benefits to the bottom line.

From Issue: Awaken Your S&OP Process with Product Portfolio Management
(Winter 2015-2016)

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Strategies within the S&OP Process