Special Issue: Women in Demand Planning and Forecasting

Winter 2018-2019

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 37 | Issue 4 | Winter 2018-2019

This special issue is written almost entirely by women in demand planning. With different perspectives on the field, you’ll not only gain technical insight relating to performance indicators, forecast accuracy and bias, but also collaborative skills and business acumen that allow analytics and number crunching to drive growth.

You’ll be treated to thought-provoking approaches to demand planning, including how Liberal Arts can provide a solid foundation for success in this field, and how soft-skills are key to not only collaborating with business partners, but also in driving your own success.

The lead article is especially important because it deals with the transition from forecast analyst to data science. For those looking to evolve in the artificial intelligence and machine learning age, it is a must-read, and provides very practical advice from somebody who has made the move already.

Featured Articles: