From Regression Analysis to Neural Networks: Same Data, Different Methods
From Regression Analysis to Neural Networks: Same Data, Different Methods

You will learn:

  • How to get started with Machine Learning for improved forecast accuracy and business insight.
  • How to progress from linear regression to neural networks if you’ve been wanting to try Machine Learning.
  • The core concepts underpinning Machine Learning, exactly how it works, and the terminology used.
  • How neural networks function and how they relate to models you’re already familiar with.
  • To de-mystify Machine Learning outputs and understand their meaning and apply them for improved business performance.
Sara Brumbaugh
Managing Principal
Ceres Analytics

Sara Brumbaugh is Managing Principal of Ceres Analytics, a consultancy specializing in applied mathematics, statistics, and machine learning. Sara’s roots are in business forecasting: she’s worked with the IBF for over 20 years, and is the 2015 recipient of IBF’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Sara’s work in predictive analytics began with construction of forecast drivers to predict stock returns. Her recent work supported genetic brain research at Harvard Medical School. Other recent work includes, patent-pending algorithms to detect financial fraud, and genetic models to predict success of cancer chemotherapy. Sara holds a masters in Economics from Florida State University, and is a currently pursuing a second masters (Biology) at Harvard University.