Intelligent Forecasting at Intel: Using Advanced Excel Functions for More Accurate Forecasts
Intelligent Forecasting at Intel: Using Advanced Excel Functions for More Accurate Forecasts

Many companies use fancy forecastingsoftware to try to forecast future demand. These packages includevarious features and models including linear regression. Did you knowthat Excel can perform many of the same functions? Not only doesExcel allow you to perform advanced statistical modeling, it isrelatively easy to use and inexpensive, making it the ideal way toget started in forecasting. In this value-added session you will seean example of and dynamically change the outcome based on how manyyears of historical data you want to use. Sophisticated tools havetheir place, but I will leave you with a simple, easy-to-use approachthat delivers high quality, accurate forecasts that rival the outputsof costly software packages.

You will learn:

  • How to perform advanced statistical modeling like linear regression in Microsoft Excel
  • Real-life case study of how Intel uses modeling tools built entirely in Excel to test nine different models all at once
  • How to use the LINEST function in excel to generate forecast lines and test best fit, and radio buttons and check boxes to update charts dynamically
  • How to use the INDEX function to generate only what you need
Tina Burke
Analytics, Modeling & Reporting Lead
Intel Corporation
Tina is a Senior Demand Planning Analyst at Intel Corporation. Her professional experience is interwoven among operations & supply chain, as well as information technology. Her career has seen her work for a range of global multinationals including Boston Scientific, Nestlé, Citrix Sytems and Google, covering a variety of roles including master scheduler, demand planner and S&OP manager and assuming responsibility for the monthly S&OP process, statistical forecasting, production scheduling and more. A data aficionado, she taught herself SQL to pull reports and build analytics to improve decision making. Tina is an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional, holds an undergrad degree in Finance and Operations, and a Master’s in Business Management.