Panel Discussion Day 2
Panel Discussion Day 2
Jeff Marthins, CPF
Senior Business Consultant
John Galt Solutions
Jeff Marthins is no stranger to the Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning, IBF as he is a regular workshop leader at conferences and IBF training programs. Jeff is an IBF Certified Professional Forecaster (CPF) since 2006. He has worked in all facets of manufacturing and planning. His current role is Director of Supply Chain Operations and oversees the Demand Planning Department. Jeff led the production module of a SAP and other software implementations at the company. His background includes many years of manufacturing, which has provided him with a solid platform for the creation and development of the Demand Planning Department. Even though Jeff oversees many facets of the Supply Chain Operation, he still has a passion for Demand Planning and Forecasting. He was also the recipient of IBF’s 2016 award for Excellence in Business Forecasting & Planning.
Audrey McClain
Sr. Forecast and Replenishment Analyst
Audrey McClain currently works as a Sr. Forecast and Replenishment Analyst for Harry's. Her key experiences include CPFR, sales and operations forecasting, new product forecasting, data analytics, and master data management. She holds a BSc in International Business and Supply Chain Management from the University of Arkansas. Audrey is passionate about affecting change through supply chain optimization and currently focuses on supply chain and forecast optimization in the consumer packaged goods industry.
Dare Fadeji
Business Operational Planning Leader
P&G Nigeria
Dare Fadeji has worked in P&G’s supply chain for 7 years and in its Demand Planning/Business Operations for 4 ½ years. His current role is Business Operations Planning Leader. Prior to embarking moving into Demand Planning, he worked as P&G’s Distributor Logistics Leader, covering 22 countries. Prior to joining P&G in 2012, he had an interesting career cutting across Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Telecoms/Network Engineering, and Pension Fund Administration. Dare holds a B.Sc. in Systems Engineering from the University of Lagos and an MBA from IE Business School, Spain.