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Essentials of Monetary and Fiscal Economics, 1995
by Chaman L. Tomic, Igor M. Jain




  1. Money in Today's Economy
  2. The Financial System, Its Markets and Institutions
  3. Definition of Money Supply
  4. Determinants of Money Supply
  5. Money Supply Model
  6. Money Demand Models from Fisher to Keynes
  7. Models of Money Demand from Baumol to Gurley and Shaw
  8. Interaction Between the Supply of and Demand for Money
  9. Five Economic Philosophies
  10. Linkage Between Money and Economic Activity
  11. Theory of Monetary Indicators and Targets
  12. Theory of Inflation
  13. Keynesians Vs. Monetarists: Policy Issues
  14. National Goals
  15. Origin of the Federal Reserve System
  16. Organization of the Federal Reserve System
  17. General Instruments of Monetary Controls
  18. Selective Controls and Moral Suasion
  19. Decision Making Process in the Federal Reserve System
  20. Problems of Monetary Policy
  21. Regulations of Financial Institutions
  22. Depository Institution Crisis and the Congress' Response

  23. PART II

  24. Fiscal Multipliers
  25. Making Fiscal Policy Effective
  26. Organization of the Executive Branch and Congress
  27. Tools of Fiscal Policy
  28. Decision Making Process Within the Executive Branch and Congress
  29. Problems of Fiscal Policy
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