Here at innocent, we’re excited to say that we’ll be hosting an IBF meet-up event at our home in Fruit Towers, London. If, like us, you’re really passionate about S&OP and forecasting* we’d love to invite you to pop down and join us.

It’ll be a relaxed, informal evening with a few short talks from our friends at IBF as well as a little bit about our innocent story. You’ll hear how we believe forecasting and S&OP is a critical part of delivering on our mission to make natural, delicious, healthy drinks that help people live well & die old.

There will be loads of time for chatting and meeting new people which we hope will begin to build a community of S&OP and forecasting enthusiasts. We’ll work on our group name later.

We know it can sometimes be tricky to stay awake at the end of a long day so there’ll be loads of smoothies (obviously) as well as some decent snacks and a few drinks to keep you going.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Andrew Scuoler, Managing Editor at IBF, will provide a brief introduction to IBF. James Davenport, COO at innocent drinks, will tell our innocent story, and why, as a leader, he’s so passionate about S&OP and forecasting being key to our success. Jennifer Thornton, Global Business Delivery Lead at innocent drinks, will then discuss the importance of partnering and purpose in S&OP and forecasting.

*not the weather kind

  • 6:00pm - 6:30pm: Registration
  • 6:30pm - 7:30pm: Talks and Q&A
  • 7:30pm - 8:30pm: Networking & Discussion
James Davenport
Innocent Drinks

James began his career in 1995 in Botswana where he lived for 5 years running his own business. In 2000 he trained as an auditor with BDO before joining innocent as financial controller in 2003 when the company was only 4 years old. Since then innocent has grown, from a business of 30 people with revenue of around £7m in 2003 to just under £400m last year. James sits on the Board of Directors as Chief Operating Officer.

Jennifer Thornton
Business Delivery Team Leader
Innocent Drinks

Jenn came to S&OP via a range of FMCG roles across both demand and supply. She has driven our S&OP team and processes at innocent since 2013, developing the S&OP partnering model and exploring what being a fast growing, responsible, entrepreneurial business means to our processes and the people who embody them. Jenn is our Global Business Delivery lead.

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