Real-World AI: Practical Techniques For Business Forecasting Free webinar and Q&A for forecasting and demand planning professionals.
Dr. Sven F. Crone
Assistant Professor in Management Science
Lancaster University
Dr. Sven F. Crone is an expert in forecasting, with over 15 years of expertise in both its theory and practice. As an Assistant Professor at Lancaster University and the Director of the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting (the largest thinktank dedicated to business forecasting) he has been published in over 40 scientific publications and has received international awards for developing new forecasting algorithms. He has trained over 500 Demand Planners, and consulted with industry leaders on improving forecasting methods, systems and processes. Sven is a regular speaker at IBF conferences, sharing insights from hands-on consulting projects and the latest research in forecasting for FMCG/CPG, Call Centres and Energy Markets.

In this free webinar, one of the world's leading experts in AI will take you through the latest evolutions in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and how early adopters are applying them for improved forecast accuracy and insight. It's not all about innovation however - you'll learn why the latest algorithms aren't always the best and why simple times series forecasting is sometimes preferable to complex causal models.

You will learn:
  • The new generation of AI algorithms, how they work, and their relevance to forecasting
  • How to choose between 1960s statistics, 1990s shallow AI, and 2020 deep AI for your business forecasting
  • Insights from real world with AI/ML case studies employed by early adopters including Beiersdorf, and Hapag-Lloyd (and why using the latest algorithms is not always advised)
  • The power of forecasting algorithms that learn, adapt to context, and find hidden insights
  • Which type of AI to use for your organization, from simple monthly time series data to complex causal drivers

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