Analytically Speaking: Transforming Forecasting & Demand Planning In A New Era
Chad Schumacher
Global Lead Enterprise Analytics
Chad is an experienced analytics and programming expert, with extensive exposure to a variety of roles in analytics, Supply Chain, and Planning. With an academic background in Finance and Statistics, Chad’s career includes management roles in application development, leading a team of developers at Dlt Database Designs. It was here that he project-managed the creation and deployment of a variety of applications to support Finance, Sales and Operations, and Demand Forecasting functions. This experience led him to an analytics role at Kellogg in 2005, assuming the position of Sales Modeling & Analytics Manager. He has worked at Kellogg ever since, moving on to Director of Sales & Modeling, then Principal Data Scientist and then on to his current role as Sr. Director of Global Analytics. Chad holds a degree in Finance and Statistics from Western Michigan University.

In this session, we'll examine how the Analytics Team partners with the Demand Planning organization to transform the process, the roles, and the perception of Forecasting at Kellogg’s. We'll look at how the right data and analytics enhance the forecasting process, ensure adoption, and elevate the role of Demand Planner. Finally, we'll see how advanced analytics are ushering in a new era of simplified and optimized integrated planning. Also, get a flavor of what will be shared at IBF’s Predictive Business Analytics & Forecasting Conference in New Orleans, April 23-25.

You will learn:
  • How to use analytical thinking to transform the modeling process
  • How to use data to drive adoption and ensure successful change
  • How to elevate the role of Forecaster from tactical to strategic partner

Would you like to hear other Predictive Analytics & Forecasting thought leaders share knowledge? Join us at IBF’s Predictive Business Analytics & Forecasting Conference in New Orleans USA, May 6-8, 2019. See here for details.

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