IBF Webinar: Designing an Integrated Value Chain Approach: Planning to Win and Executing to Deliver
Tim Hotze
SVP Enterprise Capacity Planning

Tim leads the newly created Enterprise Capacity Planning Team at Target, reporting into the COO. Prior to this he served for five years as SVP, Network Planning, Global Intelligence and Last Mile where he oversaw Target’s Supply Chain intelligence products and applications as well as end-to-end strategic and operational functions for Network and Topology Planning. Before joining Target in 2017, Tim held a number of leadership roles at Amazon covering Supply Chain Execution, Capacity Planning and Management, Inventory Placement and Labor Planning. He also spent more than a decade at Panalpina World Transport where he had responsibility for worldwide logistics and supply chain solutions. Tim sits on the Advisory Board for the Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning (IBF) and is a former Executive Director of The Warehouse Education and Research Council. Tim holds a Master’s degree in Electrical and Industrial Engineering as well as a degree in Logistics and Supply Chain from the University of Technology in Darmstadt, Germany.

You will learn:
  • How are the demand planning and process execution dimensions interconnected
  • Why do you need to think about both, planning and execution to create business outcomes
  • What is a realistic plan and not a forecast
  • What is an operating concept and how does this tie back to your planning engine
  • What is a feedback loop and how to you need to create an iterative approach for your problem solving
  • Creating the connective tissue – why it is so important to think about these topics holistically
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