Webinar: Using Consumption-Based Forecast Models In Demand Planning
Meredith Cannon
Director Integrated Business Planning, Implementation Lead
Campbell Snacks

Meredith has led demand planning teams across multiple industries. She is currently the Director of Integrated Business Planning at Campbell Snacks (part of Campbell Soup Company). Prior to this she was Director of Demand Planning and Customer Fulfillment at Ball Corporation and has also led demand planning at WhiteWave Foods and L’Oreal. She holds a BA in Economics from Davidson College.

If you're forecasting with shipment data, this free webinar is a great opportunity to improve your forecast accuracy and demand plans. By using consumption/POS data, we're using the real demand signal in our forecasts which allows us to see drivers of demand like store placement, promotions and price.

Meredith Cannon, Director of Integrated Business Planning at Campbell Snacks, will draw on her own experience and reveal how to get started with consumption-based forecasting. With practical steps and real-world examples, you'll be in a position to implement it in your own organization. This webinar is interactive so get your questions ready for Meredith.

You will learn:
  • What consumption-based forecasting is, including the inputs and outputs
  • The value of POS data in your forecasting to see drivers of demand like store placement, promotions and price
  • Practical steps to implementing a consumption-based model into your demand planning where we translate consumer demand into shipment/replenishment plans
  • Examples of how it can be used to improve collaboration with your cross-functional partners and generate more robust insights in your demand reviews
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