The variability and high failure rates of new item launches are often drivers of service issues, unfavorable cost variances, and excess inventories. Combining Predictive Analytics with a rigorous tracking and decision-making process (Predictive Tracking) can minimize these risks and ensure the proper balance of demand and supply. This process begins with a commitment that Demand Planning must be responsible for service, cost, and inventory associated with the launch, and it requires a high-performing relationship with other functions. It is centered on the concept that analytics and communication tactics must be well organized, forcing discussions within weeks of a new item launch that are traditionally completed several months after, when it is too late to take action. JoHn Gallucci | Mr. Gallucci has nearly 20 years of supply chain leadership experience, with a history of driving substantial improvements in operating performance through planning and logistics optimizations. He has successfully implemented demand-driven supply networks, and has architected Executive S&OP processes in four companies spanning the chemical, consumer packaged goods, and food/beverages industries. ...

From Issue: Revolutionary and Evolutionary Approaches to Leveraging Predictive Business Analytics
(Winter 2014-2015)

Better Decisions for New Item Launches Using Predictive Tracking