Stefan is a thought leader in the supply chain planning and forecasting domain with over 20 years’ experience. He has worked in many roles including technical and functional consulting, product design, product management, and development at multiple supply chain software companies, as well as serving as a planner and forecaster. He has applied his skills across many industries at companies such as Millennium Chemicals, Heineken, Beiersdorf, UCB, Biogen Idec, Valvoline, Kroger, Godiva, Ariat, and over a hundred more. In the process, Stefan realized that problems relating to accuracy, efficiency and stability, which he witnessed everywhere, were due to critical flawed assumptions. Over the last decade he has used his applied mathematics background to distill the root causes and design better approaches. He is a regular speaker, consultant, educator, blogger, and is writing his first book, “An introduction to Probabilistic Planning and Forecasting.”

From Issue: The Forecaster’s Predicament: Communicating Uncertainty Effectively
(Fall 2021)

Data Science for Supply Chain Forecasting