spending has been evaporated due to high unemployment rates, part-time employment, and stagnant wages for the employed. Investment Predictive Analytics for major countries— which shape the future path of the global business cycle— reveal business capital expenditures to be insufficient to stimulate solid economic growth and thus job creation in inTeRnaTional econoMic ouTlooK Dr. simos is Director of Forecasting and predictive analytics at e-forecasting.com, a division of infometrica’s Data center, 65 newmarket Road, Durham, nH 03824, u.s.a. and professor of economics at paul college, university of new Hampshire, www.infometrica.com, eosimos@e-forecasting.com. This report does not purport to be a complete description of global economic conditions and financial markets. neither the Journal nor infometrica, inc. guarantee the accuracy of the projections, nor do they warrant in any way that the use of information or data appearing herein will enhance operational or investment performance of individuals or companies who use it. The views presented here are those of the author, and in no way represent the views, analysis, or models of infometrica, inc. and any organization that ...

From Issue: Revolutionary and Evolutionary Approaches to Leveraging Predictive Business Analytics
(Winter 2014-2015)

Predictive Analytics Point to Protracted Global Slowdown