A Seat at the Leadership Table: Gaining Management Buy-In For Forecasting at General Motors
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Please enjoy an educational video on getting management buy-in and much more for forecasting and planning, presented by Ted Hanawalt, Director, Global Long Term Forecasting & Industry Analysis at General Motors.

(This was recorded at a previous IBF’s Predictive Business Analytics, Forecasting & Planning Conference)

Ted also shares:

  • Forecasting for new launches (ie. Electric Vehicles) , and analytical models used
  • Long term forecasting and planning
  • Scenario planning & forecasting
  • Case studies from GM including well known vehicle examples
  • Utilizing consumer behavior for planning the business and forecasting
  • And more

Join us at this year’s IBF Predictive Business Analytics, Forecasting & Planning Conference to gain this kind of practical, hands-on insight. Click here for details.

Ted Hanawalt
Director, Global Long Term Forecasting and Industry Analysis
General Motors

Ted Hanawalt is the Director of Global Forecasting and Market Analysis at General Motors, responsible for synthesizing market data into strategic issues and actionable opportunities. Ted’s experience at General Motors covers a variety of different functions, particularly from a product demand forecasting, product portfolio strategy, and manufacturing strategy perspective. Ted holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and an M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and an MBA from Pennsylvania State University.

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