Connect the Dots for Better Decision Making: How Demand Planning, Forecasting and S&OP Work Together

What is demand planning and how does it differ to forecasting? How does S&OP fit into the overall business planning process? In the world of forecasting and planning, it is not only important to define and clarify these functions, but to also understand their relationships to one another. In this video, you will discover how an effective forecast drives S&OP and how demand planning’s collaborative approach is a catalyst for effective decision making. Learn how to communicate and strive for S&OP excellence through alignment and consensus planning. Key takeaways include how to resolve common problems based on misunderstandings of the S&OP process, and how to resolve them in your own organization.

You will learn:
  • How the forecasting function of an organization aligns with the demand planning function to support S&OP
  • How to identify tactical relationships between forecasting and demand planning, and define steps to support overall strategy
  • How common misunderstandings of S&OP cause fractures in your planning process
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