Live Webinar: The Other Side Of The Coin: Optimizing The Supply Review Process For Better Demand Management
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The supply review process is the “other half” of the Supply and Demand Balancing process, and is critical for long term management of capacity and inventory. Demand planning offers an unconstrained plan, while the Supply Review arrives at a constrained plan with options for resolution or issues that need to be elevated to a higher level. During this session, we will review the basics of the Supply Review process, while sharing best practices and what should be discussed during the meeting. This will include important metrics, tools, suggested participants, the cadence to keep, and more. With practical takeaways, you will learn how to make the supply process in your own organization as lean and efficient as possible.
You will learn:
  • How to develop your supply planning process and supply review for better S&OP
  • Cycle timing – should planning and reporting be done in days, weeks or monthly buckets?
  • How to leverage the Supply Review for strategic decision making
Carol Utrup, CSCP
Senior S&OP Manager
Spray Products Inc.
After graduating with a degree in History and Political Science, Carol took a job in operations to pay the rent. Within a year she had fallen in love with the field and never looked back. She has over 20 years of supply chain management experience including distribution, logistics, inventory management, business analytics, demand planning, forecasting, and her great passion S&OP. She was CSCP certified by APICS in 2012, CS&OP certified by the S&OP Institute and The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business in 2014, and became an APICS Associate Instructor in 2016. She serves as the Director of Education for the APICS Cleveland chapter. Currently she is the Senior S&OP Manager for Spray Products Corporation.
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