Integrating New Product Introduction Planning In the S&OP Process

Successful product launches are essential to business growth and they often run on a different schedule than the monthly S&OP. With the success of new product ranges often dependent on S&OP, this creates a problem. How then do demand planners incorporate new product launches into scheduled forecasts to accurately gauge demand?

In my experience from working in multiple industries, I’ve identified the key factors in successfully integrating New Product Introduction (NPI) planning in the monthly S&OP process. In this session I will discuss how I implement certain processes to drive alignment between NPI forecasting and collaborative demand planning. I will also reveal the processes and methods which leverage the supply review process for NPI capacity planning, including achieving the optimal level of detail for executive review.

You will learn:
  • How to integrate product launch forecasting processes with collaborative demand planning
  • How to effectively integrate NPI supply reviews for capacity planning that lead to better executive S&OP meetings
  • Examples of key benefits resulting from S&OP and NPI process integration
Valentina Coco Hary
Finance Manager Divisional Supply Chain
Valentina is a Supply Chain professional with a diverse background in Finance, Demand Planning, Supply Chain and Inventory management. She has a passion for developing and improving sustainable business processes. Valentina has worked for a number of well-known organizations including P&G, General Mills, ASICS, Cabot Corporation and Oakley; and has experienced Supply Chains at different stages of S&OP development. She holds an Engineering degree from the Universita’ degli studi di Pisa (Italy).
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