The workbench allows decision makers to access databases linked to a variety of analysis and modeling tools all within an interactive interface without having an issue of file format compatibility. It supports two types of information to be shared during S&OP meetings. One, the workbench generates dashboards that portray the planned supply versus “unconstrained” demand, as well as supply-side metrics (such as expected plant utilizations, production capacity shortages, and critical component shortages/surpluses) and demand-side metrics (such as expected unfulfilled customer demand and customer order backlogs). The dashboard functionality also allows S&OP participants to quickly conduct what-if analyses of potential changes in the supply and/or in the demand plans. Two, it provides information that is needed in the S&OP process to determine how well it is working. The workbench generates scorecards of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that reflect how well the S&OP process has worked over time.

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