Building Resilient Supply Chains During Times of Extreme Uncertainty

Winter 2020-2021

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 39 | Issue 4 | Winter 2020-2021

This special issue deals with demand planning under extreme uncertainty and is designed to help you navigate continually shifting demand during the Covid-19 period, as well as to prepare for whatever other demand altering events lie on the horizon.

With expert insight into managing risk through SKU rationalization, production segmentation, best practices in S&OP, and building resilient supply chains for a coordinated demand/supply response, you will access practical insight that can be applied in your organization. You’ll also avail of a decision making payoff matrix, helping you to understand optimal responses to critical issues in your business.

Featured Articles:

Building Resilient Supply Chains During Times of Extreme Uncertainty
By Chaman L. Jain

5 Demand Planning Tips For 2021: Combating Covid-19 Volatility
By Daniel Fitzpatrick

Product Rationalization Within the S&OP Process to Adapt to the Covid-19 Environment
By Pat Bower

Neutralizing the Bullwhip Effect to Manage Extreme Demand Volatility
By Charles W. Chase, CPF

5 Proven Strategies to Improve Planning During Good Times & Bad
By Henry Canitz

Understanding the Concepts of Uncertainty & Risk: Making Decisions with a Payoff Matrix
By Larry Lapide

Executing a Value-Chain Flow Plan With S&OP to Manage Unprecedented Supply & Demand Shocks
By Tim Hotze

Worldwide Real GDP in Freefall As Economic Impact of Covid-19 is Laid Bare
By Evangelos Otto Simos

Pandemic Reveals Underlying Resiliency In U.S. Economy; Significant Rise In Productivity
By Jamal Nahavandi