Special Issue: Technology In Forecasting & Planning

Winter 2019-2020

Journal of Business Forecasting Volume 38 | Issue 4 | Winter 2019-2020

Utilizing technology effectively is a key step in planning maturity and a key competitive differentiator. But choosing, implementing and extracting value from such solutions is filled with many potential pitfalls and too often planning and forecasting solutions don’t serve the needs of the specific organization. A misstep in identifying your needs and poor implementation can make planning and forecasting technology a costly mistake instead of a profitable opportunity.

Technology underpins everything we do as demand planners and as we enter the new Big Data world, it is more important than ever to make sense of the information we hold and derive actionable insight from it. This special issue aims to help you scope your requirements for planning and forecasting solutions, ensure effective implementation, and understand the wider data landscape that makes investing in this technology so critical.

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