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Bricks Matter
by Lora M. Cecere Charles W. Chase

Get proven guidance to build a market-driven supply chain management system.

Supply chain management processes have gradually shifted from a supply-

driven focus to a demand-driven one in order to better synchronize

demand and supply signals. Bricks Matter shows you how you can identify

market risks and opportunities and translate these into winning tactics.

Business cases highlight how business leaders are winning through market-

driven approaches. The no-nonsense data in Bricks Matter…

  • Helps you understand how to apply the emerging world of predictive
    analytics for the better management of value networks
  • Includes business cases illustrating the market-driven approach
  • Reveals how businesses can identify market risks and translate these into
    supply-side tactics

As companies transition from a demand-driven to a market-driven

approach, the focus in organizational shift needs to happen. It is a move

from vertical excellence to building strong market-to-market horizontal

processes. Improve revenue by increasing market share, improve

profit margins, and maintain high levels of customer service with the

indispensable guidance found in Bricks Matter.

What people are saying about Bricks Matter:

This is the new bible for all supply chain executives. It provides an insider’s perspective that will prove incredibly valuable to even the most grizzled supply chain veteran. This is the next must-have business book. - Bruce Richardson, Chief Enterprise Strategist,

The journey to build the outside-in end-to-end value network happens in stages and can only be led from the top based on value-based outcomes. This is a guidebook for leaders driving the transformation. - Roddy Martin, Senior Vice President, CCI Best Practice Research and Consulting

This book is like no other that has been written about supply chain management. It is a must read for the supply chain leadership team. - Marty Kisliuk, Global Operations Director, Agricultural Products Group, FMC Corporation

Lora Cecere has been a key driver of supply chain strategies that force companies to think differently about how they work with their customers, partners, and cross-functionally within their own organizations. Here she teaches us to take a bold step to change our thinking and turn the supply chain around to focus on the consumer. - Ann Dozier, Vice-President, Fresh Dairy Direct IT, Dean Foods Company

Today, the worlds of social business and supply chain management have many degrees of separation. I enjoyed working with Lora to understand what the future transformation of digital marketing to digital business could look like. - Jeremiah Owyang, Research Director,

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