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Practical Guide to Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP/IBP)
by J. Eric Wilson ACPF & Imane “Amy” Sabeh, CPF
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The book is a comprehensive guide to Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP/IBP) written by two experts in the field. The authors aim to provide a practical guide for implementing and optimizing S&OP processes, regardless of the reader's experience level.

The book covers all aspects of S&OP, from people and processes to analytics and metrics. It also highlights the importance of collaboration, consensus, and transparency in S&OP success. Additionally, with support from the Institute of Business Forecasting (IBF), the authors incorporate diverse perspectives from other S&OP thought leaders and practitioners to ensure a well-rounded view of the topic. Overall, the book is a valuable resource and a must have for anyone interested in learning more about or improving their S&OP practices.

Book Testimonials:

"As a long-time practitioner and leader in the S&OP/IBP processes, I am excited to see the compilation of vast knowledge, deep insights, and diverse viewpoints laid out in this comprehensive book. It gives readers the tools and guidance they need to implement, institutionalize, and continuously improve their existing collaborative processes. This is a must-have in your “how-to” library, beyond the instructions—a true gem of the theoretical and the practical coming together."
- Sara Park, CPF, Vice President, E2E Integrated Planning

"In today’s world driven by Artificial Intelligence, it is important to still build processes bottom up and the right way. This applies to S&OP and IBP Planning as well, and this book provides the reader with a plethora and deep knowledge of best practice insights to either build, validate, or fine-tune the planning approach. The book also outlines use cases where the integration of planner and system are illustrated; that makes it a useful tool in every planner’s toolkit."
- Tim Hotze, Senior Vice President Enterprise Capacity Planning, Network & Operations Strategy, Optimization

"I am honored to contribute to this much-needed book as someone who has implemented and participated in numerous S&OP procedures and transformation projects. This book serves as the reader's personal pocket consultant, guiding them through the next stages to improve (or begin) their S&OP journey. Readers can address challenges specific to their organization and S&OP process, as well as guide them through the next stages of maturity."
- Misty Doan-Eldridge, Senior Manager Planning, and S&OP leader

"Journey through the depths of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) in this groundbreaking anthology. As a contributor to this important collection, I'm excited to share my knowledge with other experts. With contributions from many different practitioners in the field today, this book goes beyond single points of view to provide a complete and essential resource for planning professionals. Now is the time to learn more about S&OP and help your company succeed."
- Todd Dunn, CPF, Director of Supply Chain

"Eric and the IBF team has put together an amazing compendium of articles from thought leaders in the S&OP space. I found myself revisiting articles I had previously read, as well as articles and commentary I had overlooked over the years. This is a must-read for current (and future) S&OP leaders eager to learn how to mature their process to Vanguard status."
- Patrick Bower, Senior Director, Supply Chain

"The book covers the maturity of PEOPLE, PROCESS, and TECHNOLOGY from many perspectives and will be beneficial and instructive for both newcomers to S&OP and those who wish to enhance their performance. The “Guide” will help decision-makers and others to integrate business planning processes and synchronize factory operations with demand, financial, and strategic goals. I like the book's practical and easy-to-read chapters and will suggest it to others."
- Alina Davydova, Senior Manager, SIOP Excellence and MDM, GLOBAL

Special Introductory Price - Limited Time (Reg Price $104.95)

$ 69.95
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