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2012 Lifetime Achievement Winner
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Larry Lapide, Ph.D. (left)
Research Affiliate, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics Lecturer,University of Massachusetts Boston
has earned IBF's "Lifetime Achievement in Business Forecasting & Planning" award for his excellence and long time commitment to advancing the field.
Anish Jain, Managing Director, IBF (pictured right) summed it up well:

Larry volunteered to speak at the first IBF best practices conference back in April 1996 and has been a contributor every year, sharing his experience, driving new thought and imparting knowledge. He volunteers to train and enrich budding Forecasting and Planning Professionals at IBF's Tutorials, Workshops, and Academy every year since the 90's.

Larry has provided valuable input in the development of IBF's body of knowledge that drives our certification, research, and training programs. He has contributed over 60 articles to our Journal of Business Forecasting. He provides valuable insight and thoughts on improvement, enabling forecasting and planning professionals to succeed in this challenging environment.

Larry responded:

I am deeply honored and humbled to receive this award. While I greatly appreciate receiving it, it would be less meaningful if the IBF hadn't evolved into what it is today — the preeminent professional forecasting and planning organization on the planet. So on behalf of the entire community I wish to thank Professor Jain and Anish for founding the IBF and for allowing me to be part of its success. And, of course, I personally thank the IBF body and both of them for this award.

2012 Excellence Winner
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Patrick Bower (left)
Senior Director, Corporate Planning and Customer Service Combe Incorporated
has earned IBF's "Excellence in Forecasting and Planning" Award for his tireless contribution in both the Supply Chain and Forecasting fields.
Patrick's response to winning this award:

I am very honored to receive the IBF's first Excellence in Business Forecasting and Planning award. I have great respect for Dr. Jain, and the IBF and the work they do in promoting and educating on demand planning and S&OP best practices. At each IBF conference, I attend and with each Journal of Business Forecasting article I read - I learn from some of the best people in my profession. I am truly humbled to be nominated and then receive this award.