We are living in a time where market dynamics are changing rapidly. The number of products are exploding, channels of distribution are proliferating, and markets are becoming more and more competitive. Companies are experiencing competition not only from within the industry, but also from outside. The best way to survive and grow in these markets is to stay one step ahead of competitors. The way to do this is to launch more and more new products.

Table of contents:

  1. Objective of This Study
  2. Data Used
  3. Trend in New Product Launches Continues, but in Some Sectors More Than Others
  4. Rise in New Product Launches Presents Increased Risk and Complexity
  5. Complexity Surrounding Need for New Products Is Compounded by High Rate of Failure
  6. Product Review Is Crucial to Letting Winners Run, and to Cutting Losers
  7. New Versions Lengthen the Life Span of New Products
  8. There Is No Dominant Model Used in New Product Forecasting
  9. Forecast Error Is Highest for New Products
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