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Business Forecasting: Best Practices Conference October 22 & 23 1998
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"Practical Applications of Multiple Regression in a Business Environment"

This workshop will focus on the implementation and integration of sales forecasting and marketing analysis. It is a systematic approach that combines both market theory and statistical techniques to produce structural analysis, program evaluation, and sales forecasts, all of which provide actionable decision support analysis. The approach offers the most to the analyst because it emphasizes structural analysis or causality among the market drivers in the model, which may either be single-equation or multi-equation in scope.

Best Practices Conference Chairperson

Forecasting Project Manager/Director



"A Practical Approach to Forecasting: The Life of a Business Analyst"

This workshop concentrates on how to become a more proactive value-added business analyst. The various topics we will cover include: Why we forecast, evaluating/changing the forecasting process, forecasting techniques and modeling, where and how does the business analyst fit within the organization, and benchmarked best forecasting practices. Our goal is to provide you with information that you can use to generate more timely and accurate forecasts which can result in improved planning, reduction of inventories and ultimately increased company profits.

Director of Sales Planning



"Forecasting New Products at all Stages"

This workshop covers the introduction of a new product (or service) from inception to rollout with emphasis on major forecasting issues. Since new product introductions involve virtually all the activities of marketing and business, we will touch on the many areas involved. Case histories will be discussed. Specifically, the workshop objectives are to gain familiarity with the terminology, concepts, issues, and decisions involved in new product introduction; and acquire an understanding of the approaches, techniques and resources that are available.

Director of New Product Forecasting


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