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Strategic Forecasting: Planning & Budgeting Conference August 24 & 25 1998
by etc Et al


“THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM: Aligning Unit Forecasts, Revenue Plans and Inventory Roadmaps”

Lucent Technologies’ Global Forecasting Team delivered unit forecasts with VP-level alignment across all direct & indirect sales channels, market management, finance, manufacturing, and logistics operations worldwide -- two years in a row. The unit forecasting process was integrated with business planning for Revenue, COGS and Inventory. This workshop focuses on HOW to align multiple Market, Function and Channel organizations around a single number unit forecast. People, Process and Technology all play a role — each will be discussed in specific terms, including lessons learned on what worked and what didn’t. Workshop participant will work through issues and how to overcome barriers to alignment.

Director of Product Transition



“How to Validate Strategic Plans, Budgets, and Forecasts”

In this workshop we will explain, step by step, what different strategies are available in forecasting and planning. You will learn how to evaluate them, how to link them to budgets, and how to tie in budgets with plans. We will show what level of disaggregation (by country, division, territory and/or customer) are needed in preparing budgets. Also, we will look at forecast accuracy and accountability as a part of the forecasting process. As companies infiltrate new, yet volatile markets, the need for long term forecasting becomes an inherent component one cannot do without. With an ever changing market, more and companies are finding a pressing need to forecast what and how much they will be selling. Success stories as well as strategic challenges in forecasting and budgeting will be discussed.



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